Small Business Rely On MyCollab

Freelancers, Developers, PR firms, Lawyers, Marketers, Publishers, Trainers, Traders, Exporters, Non-profits, Universities, and more ...If you have a business and would love to manage tasks, documents, customers in one place, MyCollab is for you.

Our Recommendation

  • For project managers.
  • For teams.
  • For start-ups.

Manage Your Company Online Easily

MyCollab is the power tool to track your company activities, include your customers, your projects or your documents. Simple user interface, customized views, flexible reports. MyCollab also keeps you update with any change in your account.

Our Promise

  • No installation.
  • No set-up costs.
  • No long-term commitments.

Lightning fast, rich features, and secure

MyCollab offers multiple modules are project management, CRM, documents and more (in future) help you manage your jobs with ease. You do not need to have separate accounts for CRM or project management tool. All of them are presented in MyCollab.

Your Protection

  • Highly secure firewalls.
  • SSL encryption.
  • Daily backups.

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MyCollab community 5.2.12 released

MyCollab 5.2.12 is the stable release of the branch 5.2.x. As planned, we will not add any extra features to this branch and move to the new branch 5.3.0 which contains many exciting features for mobile, customization and bunch of enterprise modules for the ultimate edition.┬áThere are several noticeable improvements are listed below: Allow uploading project logo New project list view Can adjust the parent-child relationship of tasks Adjust the java memory settings Can not […]

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MyCollab community 5.2.10 released

The final release of MyCollab 5.2.x branch is MyCollab 5.2.10. It does not have any new features but include bug fixes and several minor improvements to makes it run more stable in various platforms. There are several noticeable improvements are listed below: Report export to PDF runs to have an expected result. File management operations are more stable in copy, move and delete actions Avoid to enter the credentials in case user reload the browser […]