Dear to all readers, MyCollab comes close to the production phase and we have launched our new support portal, you can check it out at In the past, there are several ways to contact to MyCollab teams:

  • Contact form: MyCollab users contact us for software inquiry or issue on the cloud edition
  • Email: many users send email directly to us
  • Github issues: Users use MyCollab open source edition and they report our issues on Github page
  • MyCollab QA: we use WordPress Anpress let users post questions publicly to the community. This module is not good enough to let MyCollab users feel comfortable to ask questions.
  • MyCollab Help: our knowledge base system

Many communication channels make MyCollab looks like to lack of the community users. We receive many complaints from users, and the common approach to contact us is using email while we received several emails on the same topic. Our users are unhappy and we tried to find a solution to fix this gap. We do two things parallel:

  • Upgrade the WordPress Anpress plugin or develop a new module by ourselves. We tried to do and we realize it takes us much time to build a plugin make us happy while support portal is not our main business.
  • We are using several customer services to serve  our users better, finally the UserEcho is the winner. We have ported all knowledge bases from the old system to UserEcho, but we keep all emails support left because there are many requests from users are resolved.

From now, MyCollab support portal is the main entry we receive the support from users. If you send us an email to ask the support, we will publish it into our forum unless it contains the private message request. We also move any Github issues to our support portal to keep all MyCollab information in one place. MyCollab team hopes we can serve you better from today !

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