MyCollab is an online system comprising project management, CRM and document management that helps manage your team, projects, tasks, assignments, customers and documents. It is specially designed for companies who are involved in lots of projects dealing with remote teams. MyCollab removes the hassle of tracking large email threads, going back and forth. It manages all of your project documents, images, tasks, bugs and risks in one place and easier to find. MyCollab help teams to plan, monitor and control their projects quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently. In addition, it assists you to increase sales and keep in touch with your value customers.You can use sales information from customers records to finely tune your marketing campaigns. CRM system helps salespeople to identify various trends in their customers behavior it can assist them when selling products.

Which type of companies use MyCollab?

Software Houses, IT Based companies, web-related business:

No matter if you are a startup with 10 employees or a big firm with more than 500 employees all around the world, who needs to be collaborated on a certain project can benefit from our service. You have project managers who needs to coordinate with your clients for gathering specifications and assigning tasks to developers/designers based on the input. Once you’ve used MyCollab you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!


If you are an individual freelancer and getting your projects from various freelance sites like, you definitely need a centralized client/project management solution where all of your clients can be assigned to their projects and all of the files associated with those projects can be found in one place.

Various Marketing Agencies:

This is a fast paced market and your client would want to know what’s going on with a certain marketing campaign, how a certain banner Ad looks like? you need to be able to get quick feedback from your clients and this can only happen if your client, marketing manager and designer are under the same roof and provide changes/feedback on the fly.

Educational institutes (schools, colleges and universities):

Every institute has to manage their staff, teachers , students specially when teachers have to assign reports/tasks /quizzes/assignments to their classes it becomes very difficult to track them on per class per student basis that’s where MyCollab helps to manage all that in one place.