Document Management

Single Workspace for all your documents

Work with files in your own MyCollab document storage and Dropbox accounts. You are able to do any access operations such as copy, delete, move, name and upload files in all storage providers.

Close Integration with all MyCollab modules

Manage all documents centrally; every module needs to have it owns document storage system. Users are able to manage project document artifacts in their project page, or to manage their account assets in CRM module is a typical example.

Bulk documents processing

You do not need to upload/download one by one document if you have many documents that need to be processed. We understand your time is valuable so you can save your time to upload/download multiple files at once. You can even download all files in a folder as a zip file, and yes we do it all for you.

Search files and Audit document activities

Miss document name or content is not the problem in MyCollab system. You are able to recall your files by the search function and then MyCollab will lead you to the right asset in seconds. In addition, you can keep an eye in all activities of MyCollab document storage with detailed audit log reports.