We are proud to launch the new site http://community.mycollab.com which is exclusive for MyCollab open source edition. MyCollab offers three options to end users: On-Premise, Premium Download and Open source edition. The last two options allow users download MyCollab and install it on the users‘ local machine, that we list them in this page http://www.mycollab.com/pricing/download/ and we knew it is not enough.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.00.03 AM

We will update latest news, technical guidelines to help you can understand MyCollab codebase as soon as possible. If you are the Java developer, and you are interested to help us to build a great project management. CRM, etc services around the MyCollab platform, we are welcome your help!

Follow our updates on github repository or this blog post. We try to submit the source codes under MyCollab author daily. Any comment is welcome, it could be noted in this blog comment or send the private message to email mail:support@mycollab.com

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