We did a lot of works in the last month to make MyCollab is usable to you! We have used MyCollab daily, we learn how we can improve the user experience by ourselves and we combine our knowledge with your feedbacks to make MyCollab better over every release.

More than 30 bugs are addressed and fixes

There are more than 700 commits in our source version controls to fix more than 30 bugs, minor improvements and other tweaks which do not include in our public report. We maintain the large codebase, very complex technical behind but quality guarantee is always the most important factor we care. The major bug fixes are:

  • Auto generates the filename if the user upload the invalid file name
  • Throws an error message if the user saves the empty project page content
  • Improper format the rich text if the user copy the text from other sources such as office files, html text, web page etc

If you do not want to use the cloud service, you can use our open source edition for free

If you still not be convinced to use any cloud service due to the security concerns, you are always free to download our open source edition and install it in your local workstation. We did very hard in the last month to help the administrator’s life becomes easier by providing a powerful installer which could take you several minutes to make MyCollab works for your team. The latest download link of MyCollab community always be at here

Minor Improvements

Attachment thumbnail for quick preview

This is one of the most demand from previous releases, and from this release the user can preview thumbnail of attachments for all supported image types (png, jpg, git, bmp). In the future, we will add the thumbnail preview to almost popular mime types such as video, plain text, office documents, pdf etc. Please be stay tune for the next big thing happens.

Thumbnail preview


Nicer profile page

We do not only add the new feature, but we improve the current features become better. We have planned to make our UI looks better, and the profile page is our initial effort to do so.

User Profile

Search your following tickets can not be easier

You may want to search your current following tickets by several ways. We revised this page allows you can search the right ticket you are in watcher lists of several criterion.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.37.23 PM

Thank you for your continuous support our services. The last sprint is ended, and we is starting the new 2 weeks sprint to bring to you the new MyCollab updates, and keep your business becomes easier by using MyCollab.

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