Big thanks to your all support and enjoy MyCollab. There are many organizations deployed MyCollab, contributed ideas and reported bugs to us. It encourages us to add more features to the community edition. We also appreciate the company for donating fund to develop the new Kanban board, without you the Kanban board can not be presented in the community edition sooner in this release! It makes MyCollab becomes to be one of few open sources of project management tool support the complete Kanban board for task managements!

Below are the notable changes in the new MyCollab

Kanban board

Users love to visual task statuses. Our new kanban wall helps you can organize tasks, bugs by the order which you prefer. We do not force you manage projects follow Agile process, but we let you make your choice. We support various styles of project management base on our customers’ feedbacks.

New look of Task, Bug pages

Every release, we gather the feedbacks of users, and anonymous data usage on cloud edition to decide how to make the site better to use even for the novice project managers. The new UI of the task and bug pages are our latest works to improve the user experience.

The better Gantt chart

Gantt chart

More reliable product upgrades process

In previous versions, you may be received a lot of notifications about the product upgrade. From this version, we show all product updates in the application notification area. The installer and upgrade process is also more reliable than the previous versions as well. We recommend you should use auto upgrade MyCollab while it does not harm to your data even the process is failed.

Many minor improvements

Bug fixes and improvements are added in every release to make MyCollab becomes better in every release. You check out the detail changes at here.

How to try

MyCollab open source is different from the cloud edition. If you want to try to use MyCollab before deciding to install the open source edition, you can register an account at or review all of our pricing plans at

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