Version 4.1.0 of MyCollab is available for download on SourceForge or Github. We have worked hard for more than 2 months to improve many features that we hope you will love. Basically the community edition has the similar user interfaces with OnDemand edition posted at here There are major bug fixes and improvements logged into our release notes document, they are:

Changelog from MyCollab 3.0.0


– Redesign application user interface
– Redesign email template
– Dynamic query builder and let user can save query parameters for next search
– Upgrade MyCollab libraries to higher versions
– Revise standup report and time logging feature
– Improve code structure and simplify email processing procedure
– Boot time of application is much faster than previous version in some OSes
– Email template of task and bug are re-ordered fields more logically
– Cache spring service classes to init application context faster
– Support user localization
– Make install process easier for non-tech users
– Add gantt chart
– Upgrade Vaadin library to 7.1.15

Bug Fixes

– Mass update in CRM module throws exception in several special cases
– Exception is thrown when user back to previous screen
– MyCollab cache views even when user sign out the site
– Upload file in Chrome display upload window two times
– Fix several wrong links in email
– Improve datasource configuration to avoid site open many connections if the site is under heavy load
– Fix database connection bottleneck in unit test cases if we run all batch tests
– Application can not allow users upload big file size
– Fix NPE of email sending when user create then delete item before the email is sent out
– Fix date issue in email update of project milestone, and crm meeting
– Cut username display name if it is long too in bug dashboard
– Align username center in standup report display
– Display empty string if user does not enter their last name

The most important change in this release is we made the installation process simpler, it will take you 2-3 minutes to install MyCollab. You see the detail instruction steps at

We have deployed the community editions to two clients last week, and just make sure we have a long term plan with the community edition includes adding new features, bug fixes and customer support. If you are interested in MyCollab community please bookmark this site, we will post many updates relate to this topic in future.

MyCollab community edition is suitable for the small team to manage their projects and customers. For more advanced features, you should use MyCollab OnDemand edition. The comparison among editions could be read at

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