Today, we are pleased to announce the initial release of MyCollab 5.1.X branch. This version has many improvements from the previous ones include the performance tuning, resource utilization, and consistent theme colors. Be grateful to our community users by providing feedbacks, this MyCollab release should be recommended to all interested users to update.

Below are notable changes in MyCollab 5.1.0 release

Color theme improvements

We dynamically change user theme by the default color setting. If you use premium service then you even can change the color themes and logos for your account.

ProjectDashboard - Free, open source project management

We hope that you have a nice, professional UI for an open source product. We were the users of various open source products and their UIs just be ugly. We dream to have a free product like MyCollab, and we hope you share the vision to develop MyCollab is the excellent collaboration platform, free and open source, but the quality and UI are equivalent than the paid products.

Java 7 is supported

We miss Java 7 in the last release! and there are several complaints on MyCollab support forum:

There are many error messages sent to our logs database as well. This is our fault to use the latest Jetty distribution 9.3 and Jetty only support Java 8.

Performance improvements

We did perform many tasks to improve the MyCollab performance by many techniques such as caching, expiry method, or lazy load results etc. We do not focus to adding more features only, but we also pay attention on unit power to serve one user as well. In this release, we have reduced many threads for asynchronous processing but still improve the speed of response to users’ requests. In addition, we recover the gzip filter for web request that we missed from the last release. We also configured the Java JVM parameters to let Java 7 can handle the OutOfMemory error more effectively. This change deals with some strange issue from our end customers who install MyCollab on the low power server.

Clean Email template

Email template is redesigned by our graphic designer to make it simple, clean than previous versions. You should try to see how it works 🙂

Can not run MyCollab in some rare cases

Some users can not install and run MyCollab properly on their servers. There are some reports from MyCollab users in our support forum:

We have resolved this critical issue, and we hope that all users can install MyCollab without any issue. We also help you can set up email notification easier. We detail how to configure SMTP with two popular email services are gmail, and outlook. If you still have trouble, please contact us at the support forum.

How to try MyCollab open source edition

MyCollab open source is different from the cloud edition. If you want to try to use MyCollab before deciding to install the open source edition, you can register an account at or review all of our pricing plans at

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