MyCollab 5.0.8 is the last delivery of MyCollab 5.0.X series. There are plenty of changes in this release, and it is the recommended version for all MyCollab users need to upgrade. From the internal development, this version is isolated to the commercial MyCollab product totally. MyCollab community is the Lite version of our commercial products which has more than 40 sub projects. From the prior 5.0.8 version, MyCollab community still reuses several configuration options for the commercial product, and it has several issues due to these mixed configurations. We are convinced that from this version, we can improve the release life cycle of MyCollab community and we can add more features to this community edition without spending much effort for testing as we did in the past. As usual, MyCollab community edition could be downloaded here. Below are only what the major changes we did for the open source community.

Stability improvement

Until this release, we separate the code base of community and commercial product completely. There are a lot of differences between the commercial and open source product, I just give some few

  • Email Notifications: There are a lot of email notifications in the commercial product, and we have far less few in the community edition
  • Content delivery network: we use Amazon CloudFront as our CDN when the community uses file system
  • Resource resolver: The on-demand edition could play with any cloud storage providers while the open source edition only works with file system
  • Caching: We use cache heavily in the data access layer while the community edition does not have

MyCollab users reported there are several inconsistent configurations between the community and on-demand edition. So far as we know, this release has addressed and fixed them all.

Thread performance improvement and file size of installation is reduced

We never stop our improvement on our back-end services even it does not give end users new features. We improve performance by removing redundantly used class which makes the server takes more memory and time to process. We also improve the time of processing report reduces up to 50%

Clean up our bugs list

We fixed more than 10 bugs in this release include several cosmetic bugs are not listed in the bug list. We do not count the suggested features, but all the reported bugs by customers are addressed and fixed in this release. There are some items are not considered as ‘bug’, we have noted them in our growing FAQ page

Other notes

MyCollab 5.0.8 has other minor improvements, new features are noted detail in the release notes. If you do not want to host MyCollab on your own server, and use the full features of MyCollab edition, you can register a standard account at or review all of our pricing plans at

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