MyCollab 5.0.7 is the minor release with only a few additional minor visible features, but it has the significant change the way of MyCollab running. In addition, it removes the redundant assets such as unused scripts, libraries and images to reduce the size of distribution to 10 MB. MyCollab community edition could be downloaded at here. Below are what the major changes we did for the open source community

Comprehensive help messages for the installation phase

We received a lot of requests support for the installation MyCollab. We thought that we provided the easiest way to install a complicated collaboration software in Java, and we were surprised when we received many questions. Our customers have their own ideas, we just say ‘they are right, we will fix it’. We revised the tutorials, documents, and installation page to make the installation process is clear for the system administrator. In addition, we asked the review of more than tens of non-technical guys to do the installation testing, it keeps our goal of installation is the easy task for the system admin.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 1.40.39 PM

Browser caching and zipping content

In the LAN network, reducing resource latency may not be the serious issue but many organizations reported they deploy MyCollab for their distributed team. MyCollab is deployed on Amazon EC2, Rackspace, DigitalOcean etc and we did not enable browser caching and zip transfer content by default since the source code of MyCollab cloud edition uses Nginx to do this task.  From the MyCollab 5.0.6, we enable gzip and browser caching for MyCollab resources but it still miss several assets which are not addressed properly, this release has fixed all issues and improved the site performance dramatically because it reduces more than 40% volume of transferred assets over network.

Windows is the first class citizen

Windows users occupy more than 50% user base of MyCollab, the growing of MyCollab deployment and we received most issues from Windows users. It is not the surprising fact, but most of our developers are working on MacOS, Linux. Windows treats file system is different than our working environments. This release focuses mainly on Windows, it addressed and fixed several issues on Windows, and Internet Explorer as well. We also move some of the developers work on Windows and make sure all Windows users are happy in every release.

Other notes

MyCollab 5.0.7 has other minor improvements, new features are noted detail in the release notes. If you do not want to host MyCollab on your own server, and use the full features of MyCollab edition, you can register a standard account at or review all of our pricing plans at

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