MyCollab 5.0.4 is the essential release you must upgrade if you already installed the MyCollab before. This release only adds several minor improvements and features, but they are worth to install or upgrade due to the noticeable features:

Auto upgrade to the latest MyCollab version

From the MyCollab 5.0.x, we added the new notification to inform the site admin if there is the new version of MyCollab, then the system admin will follow the instructions of this link to upgrade to the higher MyCollab version by himself. This approach worked very well since there are several sites admins reported to us that they did not have any troubles, but we want to make the upgrade process is even better!!! From the MyCollab 5.0.4, we support the automatic upgrade process that the system admin only choose whether he needs to upgrade the system

Auto upgrade to the higher version

Auto upgrade to the higher version

Project file module is presented in the community version

The lite version of file module is presented in the community version! With this additional features, this community edition has the full features for the team can manage every aspect of project activities. For the advanced usage that the community edition does not offer to your team, the premium or ondemand edition could be your choice.

Screenshot from 2015-04-07 12:51:54

Other notes

MyCollab 5.0.4 has other minor improvements, new features are noted detail in the release notes. If you do not want to host MyCollab on your own server, and use the full features of MyCollab edition, you can register a standard account at or review all of our pricing plans at

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  1. Bob Lam says:

    i want to know more about MyCollab and try to do some development after work.
    Here is my questions:
    1.what is Scala play a role in MyCollab ?

    • hoangthuy says:

      Hi Bob Lam,
      We wrote a lot of code by Java, and some of them are boilerplate code we could not improve. Some of examples are:
      – Getter/Setter
      – Way to handle relate to collection is awful
      – Mutable variables

      and we write less code with Scala than Java. Actually, we can save around 30-60% LOC
      In addition, in the future we would like to add more real time features such as real time notification (for the premium users), and there are several solutions exist in Scala.

      To summary, Scala will play the more important in MyCollab, and for new source code at back-end side we will write by Scala. For the community edition, you can check Scala implementation in the sub project mycollab-scheduler.

      Hai Nguyen

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