The MyCollab team is pleased to announce the release of MyCollab 4.5.3. The usual download link is always be

The MyCollab product is the high productive, quality collaboration platform to help small to medium size teams manage their daily jobs easier with two major components are Project Management and CRM. This list of features is growing in every 2 weeks Sprint. MyCollab provides the consistently access from all major browsers in desktops, mobiles and tablets.

MyCollab 4.5.3 is the incremental feature release based on and compatible with earlier stable MyCollab releases. Below describes more detail the major updates of this release

New Features

MyCollab Mobile Web View




MyCollab mobile is the critical module in our schedule in the last quarter of this year. Starting development from 6 months ago, and we are proud to give it for public access from this release. Please note that the MyCollab mobile has the alpha status release, it still has minor bugs, and the limited features. The most popular use case for MyCollab mobile is viewing the detail assignment when you click a link in email when MyCollab sends the notification to you. Any critical business should not be done or guarantee in this early release.

Thumbnail of image attachment

Thumbnail preview

We did not allow the user can quickly review the attachment in previous versions. It requires you to click the image icon if you want to see the attachment. This inconvenient action is omitted from this release when you can see the thumbnail of the image attachment. This will help you can quickly capture the request of your assignment.

Nicer profile page

User Profile
Most of open source products do not provide the great UI. We try to do the difference by giving you the nice UI, and we improve our UI in every release. This effort is the first initial one to improve all UIs not using the boring grid view but caring more detail every UI to give the clean UI, colorful and focus into the important information.

Bug Fixes

The following list is all of bugs we closed since the last release

  • Custom layout throws NPE
  • User navigates the project time tracking list throws NPE in several special case
  • Throws error if user save the empty page content
  • Minor fixes in set the overdue title colors in project and crm items
  • Error when user upload the invalid file name


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