There are 36 commits to public github repository and more than 500 commits to our internal git system since the last release of MyCollab. But there is no real new feature is provided in this release. This sprint is the intermediate milestone focuses into the system stability, ease of installation and operation, help for the collaboration in translation easier, and get ready for the new features in the next release. You can download the latest MyCollab at Below is the main improvements of this release:

Ease of installation

Most of the open source softwares require system administrators a lot of handly job to do before the system is able to run. It is different than the PHP world, while we just unzip the distribution, open the browser and follow the installation instruction. We try to make the installation process of MyCollab as simple as possible, and we hope you find it is easy to install MyCollab to your server.

MyCollab has the separate installer for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Thanks for the excellent installer tool Izpack (, you can install MyCollab in any server which is installed Java 7+ already

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 3.07.28 PM

You just create the small installation guideline, create the database schema and enter the proper parameters in the installation page, then you will run MyCollab within 5 minutes!

Compact the size of MyCollab installer

We have three editions of MyCollab, you can see their comparison at here This community edition provides the enough set of features for small business company. Their features fit enough for basic needs of project and customer management. In previous versions, MyCollab community includes extra libraries and assets of other editions, and it takes such volume of MyCollab binaries up to 137 MB. Now we streamline of MyCollab installer to 95 MB, you will save more than 40 MB of unused libraries!

Localise MyCollab is easy

We received several requests of helping us to localize MyCollab into Chinese, Japanese and French language. Thank you for interesting in MyCollab, and your help is always appreciated. We use the service to help us manage our localization process. It just works so far, and we will update the translation guideline to help you can integrate your works into MyCollab properly. Please keep our updates and continue support us to make MyCollab becomes better!

Improve our test cases

We evaluated the new features of  junit, removed our own testing addon of junit and used the Test Rule to implement the integration testing with other services such as database, or embedded servers. We did share hundreds of test cases in the community edition, also integrate it into the build process of travis (

In addition, we replaced the standard assert statements by using the new assertion api by using assertj ( AssertJ helps us to write the assertions easier and save our LOC numbers.

Libraries Updates

We upgrade spring framework to the 4.1.1.RELEASE, Vaadin to 7.3.3 and other libraries too.

Bug Fixes

Several issues which are occurred in rare cases are detected and fixed. For more detail, you can check our release notes

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