Our last sprint is just ended, and we are proud to announce to the community that MyCollab 4.5.1 is released. This release is an incremental feature release based on the earlier stable MyCollab 4.x. Several issues are addressed by our internal QA process and customers in rare cases. In addition, we do a major internal API improvements in handling web resources. You can download the latest MyCollab version at http://community.mycollab.com/download.html. As usual, the below is the main improvements in this release:

Export page content to Pdf document

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 3.33.55 PM

Knowledge management in project is very important, and in several cases you need to export document into a readable form outside the MyCollab’s scope. From this version, you can export your document in pdf. Please note that link and attached images are supported as well.


Easily to communicate with teammates about the issues, tasks

Readable Url

It is easier for you to ask your colleague to check the task 274 instead of giving him the link similar than https://esofthead.mycollab.com/#project/task/task/preview/Mi8xL3Byb2plY3QvMi8ucGFnZS8xNDA4ODkwMDQ0ODk5Nw.  In the past, we would think to give the obfuscated link is useful to our customers, but we are wrong!

Multiple views of time tracking

Time Tracking

The time tracking report is our initial effort to assist customers can see the reports across multiple projects. From this version, you are able to review the spending time of team members in all projects you are involved. You also can group data by project, user or date. We will add more aggregate reports for multiple projects in the upcoming releases. You should bookmark our site and check it for this feature in the near future.

Bug Fixes

Several issues which are occurred in rare cases are detected and fixed. For more detail, you can check our release notes http://community.mycollab.com/release-notes.html

Libraries Update

We upgrade spring framework to the 4.1.0.RELEASE, Vaadin to 7.3.1 and other libraries too.

Internal API improvement and Unit Test

Many unit tests are added to MyCollab, and some of them are shared to the community edition. We used the excellent assertion library for testing, it is AssertJ.  It helps us validate the complex data structure easier.

We also refactor the design of the web sources handler better. In the previous versions, the community still keeps several source files which are belonging to other MyCollab editions, which make several developers are confused what are used in MyCollab community such as Cloud storage. Now, we remove them all and make the clean architect for handling resources and storage in MyCollab.

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