MyCollab 4.5.0 is an incremental feature release based on the previous Mycollab versions, you can download it at This release mostly focuses in the internal API improvements, minor bug fixes and other various UI polishes and improvements. Below are the detail changes of this version:

Having more search criteria for the Issue tracker

Issue Tracker Search Panel

Issue tracker is one of the most important features in MyCollab project module, and it receives a lot of requests to give more filter options. In this version, we added more search options to users, you can customize your query with ease and can save a search query for using later.

Support Versionable of Project Page

Project Page Version

Project Page keep all edited contents in versions form, and you can review what you wrote in the previous version. In the addition, the upload file function in project page is improved to make the upload process stable.

Internal architect is improved

We did hard work to make the error handling easier in this version. Even, the end user may not recognize this change but it make our developers’ life becomes more interesting by reducing the time of debugging issues and now issues from various sources such as event bus, scheduler or thread are recorded and inform to target developers with detail stack trace.


Bug Fixes

More than 15 issues, which are reported by customers and our internal QA team, are addressed and fixed. The detail is reported in MyCollab Release Notes. If you have any issue, please report back to us via email or our web form Thank you.

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