MyCollab 5.3.1 is out
Hai Nguyen (0) Comments Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Customize account date formats

MyCollab 5.3.1 is the stable release of the branch 5.3.x. This branch mainly focuses to the customization and various reporting models for the premium software. For the open source editions, we just update the current existing features and UI according to the changes of our premium software. There is no big update for the open source edition in the next versions as we will see. MyCollab 5.3.1 is recommended to the all MyCollab users, it […]

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MyCollab community 5.2.12 released
Hai Nguyen (0) Comments Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Project Dashboard 5212 (1)

MyCollab 5.2.12 is the stable release of the branch 5.2.x. As planned, we will not add any extra features to this branch and move to the new branch 5.3.0 which contains many exciting features for mobile, customization and bunch of enterprise modules for the ultimate edition. There are several noticeable improvements are listed below: Allow uploading project logo New project list view Can adjust the parent-child relationship of tasks Adjust the java memory settings Can not […]

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MyCollab community 5.2.10 released
Hai Nguyen (0) Comments Thursday, March 31, 2016

screencapture-esofthead-mycollab-com-1458978301105 (1)

The final release of MyCollab 5.2.x branch is MyCollab 5.2.10. It does not have any new features but include bug fixes and several minor improvements to makes it run more stable in various platforms. There are several noticeable improvements are listed below: Report export to PDF runs to have an expected result. File management operations are more stable in copy, move and delete actions Avoid to enter the credentials in case user reload the browser […]

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Task Dashboard (1)

Dear all, We are very proud to announce the new MyCollab release today: MyCollab 5.2.7 is the incremental release include a number of improvements and bug fixes. All users are encourage to upgrade. MyCollab 5.2.7 contains several improvements: Display issues, risks in Gantt chart besides tasks, milestones as well Add lead field to the project Display delete action in the activity stream Enhance and improve stability of Gantt chart Improve the stability of upgrade process […]

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IMG_8207 (1)

MyCollab 5.2.6 has been released. This release contains several  internal improvements and the new mobile web application. MyCollab 5.2.6 contains several improvements: The more stable of server push, which is provided by the new version of our vaadin libraries. In the past, we have supported several customers to make MyCollab works well in their corporate network by using several tricks, but from the new release this issue is gone. The new mobile application helps you […]

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Big thanks to your all support and enjoy MyCollab. There are many organizations deployed MyCollab, contributed ideas and reported bugs to us. It encourages us to add more features to the community edition. We also appreciate the company for donating fund to develop the new Kanban board, without you the Kanban board can not be presented in the community edition sooner in this release! It makes MyCollab becomes to be one of few open sources […]

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ProjectDashboard - Free, open source project management

Today, we are pleased to announce the initial release of MyCollab 5.1.X branch. This version has many improvements from the previous ones include the performance tuning, resource utilization, and consistent theme colors. Be grateful to our community users by providing feedbacks, this MyCollab release should be recommended to all interested users to update. Below are notable changes in MyCollab 5.1.0 release Color theme improvements We dynamically change user theme by the default color setting. If […]

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Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 2.18.05 PM

MyCollab is the final release of MyCollab 5.0.x branch. There are 10 releases in this branch and we did improve MyCollab stability, bug fixes and enhance MyCollab features over every delivery. Thank you for MyCollab community users contribute your ideas, report bugs and questions to help us improve MyCollab to this mature stage.  We also prepare the new branch 5.1.x which focus to the flexibility in customization for the premium services, the advanced features of […]

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MyCollab Support

Dear to all readers, MyCollab comes close to the production phase and we have launched our new support portal, you can check it out at In the past, there are several ways to contact to MyCollab teams: Contact form: MyCollab users contact us for software inquiry or issue on the cloud edition Email: many users send email directly to us Github issues: Users use MyCollab open source edition and they report our issues on […]

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MyCollab 5.0.8 is the last delivery of MyCollab 5.0.X series. There are plenty of changes in this release, and it is the recommended version for all MyCollab users need to upgrade. From the internal development, this version is isolated to the commercial MyCollab product totally. MyCollab community is the Lite version of our commercial products which has more than 40 sub projects. From the prior 5.0.8 version, MyCollab community still reuses several configuration options for […]

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